Mvua Farasi (Rain Horse)
HD video, 17,45'

Mvua Farasi (Rain Horse) takes place on a Kenyan race course in the outskirts of Nairobi were time seems to have frozen in the 70's when the colonial era ended.

The film takes place at the race course during the preparations before a big race and follow a jockey and a groom as they work their horses and remembers the recent floodings caused by El Nino, and how it has affected the horses racing abilities. The last two floodings coincided with the racing season in Nairobi and the people at the stable has had to live with them in the same way as they once had to deal with the aftermaths of the Commonwelth’s rulings. In order to predict future storms and changes, one of the grooms uses his hen and it’s eggs to make pseudo scientific rituals and measurements - an attempt to stay in control when forces and conditions in nature and society are not. In the film, different narratives, eras and realities come together as documentary material is mixed with fictive stories.

Genre: Docu-fiction
Year of Production: 2013
Running Time: 16 min
English title: Rain Horse
Video format: Video HD Color
Audio Format: Stereo
Country of Production: Kenya/Sweden
Language Version: English Subtitles
Spoken Language: English, Kiswahili.

Script, directing, editing and camera: Lena Bergendahl, Jennifer Rainsford and Rut Karin  Zettergren
Production: Crystal Beacon, Lena Bergendahl, Jennifer Rainsford and Rut Karin Zettergren
Sound design: Robert Hefter, Studio 24
Grading: Nils Fridén, Velourfilm
Cast: Morris Otienno, Jacob Locorian
Co production in Kenya: Jeff Muiruri Ngugi
Translation: Dorahrose Wambui, Lucile Gesare
With support from: Swedish Film Institute, Filmbasen / Stockholms Läns Landsting.

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Still images from video



Installation view: Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2014 - Return of Ghosts,
Hong-Gah Museum in Taipei, Taiwan,2014.

Supported by Iaspis - The Swedish Art Grants Committee's International program for visual artists.

mvua farasi

mvua farasi

mvua farasi