You Look Like Milk, artistic research project 2009-2012

The objective of the project You Look Like Milk was to  through a cross continental collaboration produce two short films. One of the films was produced in Kenya by, Rut Karin Zettergren, Lena Bergendahl and Jennifer Rainsford. The other film was produced in Sweden with a manuscript by Edvine Maloba, Joseph Mbuti Kingoo, Francis Ngira Okello.
In the project we used filmproduction as a medium to investigate how we relate to the image of the Other*. -In which ways does the two groups approach a, for them, foreign culture and how do they use it as a tool to study their own culture?  The project enables a collaboration between two groups with different geopolitical, economic and social backgrounds.  The description of the collaboration process, the characters and the places where we have chosen to record at forms the project's meta-structure.

The Swedish film Applied theories of Expanding minds, is a fiction where we stage and follow five persons lives in a Kenya that has been expolited by China for a long time but now has gained independence or is in a time of reformulation. The Kenyan film That's my phone, is the reenactment of a story that originally took place in Kenya, but now is told in a Swedish setting, the plot circles around a stolen phone.

*We here refer to the expression The Other as it is used within postcolonial theory by for example Edward Said in Orientalism.




Still images from That's my Phone

Still images from Applied Theories of Expanding Minds






Material from working process